5 Concerns for Inquiry-Based Instruction

For 14 years I reinvented my instructional wheel each summer to build student achievement.  I’ve used creative images and rhymes (anchors), interactive games (engagement), 3-Acts, Notice & Wonder, Front Loading, and constant review. However, I am not happy with just high scores on state exams. What I teach, too often, doesn’t stick in the long-term…regardless … More 5 Concerns for Inquiry-Based Instruction

Rethinking “Which one doesn’t belong”

I really enjoy being positive and encouraging and don’t like to be critical of someone else’s work…especially when I think it’s clever and cute. But lately I have been developing a nagging feeling that “WODB” could have an unintended consequence. Can I raise the concern, and then maybe you can assure me I’m wrong so … More Rethinking “Which one doesn’t belong”

The Power of a Two-Word Question

                One of my neighbors recently posted a question on the Home Owners’ Association webpage, “Does anyone have any recommendations for new windows?”  Several neighbors suggested various contractors.  I replied, “I use Windows 10.”  Undoubtedly there are some who would see that as silly or childish, but that sort of thing is one way I … More The Power of a Two-Word Question

Social-Emotional Compassion: can there be too much with COVID-19?

I’ve been checking on my high school students by phoning and emailing them and their parents.  Only about 3% have reported significant struggles due to COVID-19 and even those are starting to find the strength to carry on as they get emails and phone calls from school, encouraging them to do what they can and … More Social-Emotional Compassion: can there be too much with COVID-19?

Inequalities Genius

Last week I brought a favorite team activity online, and my students seemed to enjoy it even more in Zoom breakout rooms with their classroom teams than they normally do in the real classroom.  Maybe it’s the challenge of tech work-rounds, figuring out how to share their screens, or just being bored at home, but … More Inequalities Genius