5 Concerns for Inquiry-Based Instruction

For 14 years I have been reinventing my instructional wheel each summer to build student achievement.  I’ve used creative images and rhymes (anchors), interactive games (engagement), 3-Acts, Notice & Wonder, Front Loading, and constant review. However, I am not happy with just high scores on state exams. What I teach, too often, doesn’t stick in … More 5 Concerns for Inquiry-Based Instruction

IEP for Everybody?

It is completely understandable for a teacher to wince when they think about how many students these days have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).   There seems to be more and more IEPs every year.  While it is great that students receive the special care they need, I have some concerns that at some point, IEPs could … More IEP for Everybody?

Why I Assign Homework: Dear Students, I love you…

“If I could change anything about our class…”  About half the responses to that question, mentioned homework.  My students are expected to complete an average of about 40 minutes of algebra homework pretty much every night.  In a decade where the anti-homework voices seem to be gaining momentum, it can be difficult for my students to … More Why I Assign Homework: Dear Students, I love you…

“The Opportunity Myth:” yes and no

Who contributed to this post: Cris Saldaña https://onestepedu.wordpress.edu Aubrey Patterson https://www.nohea.info/blog  Lori Harvie  https://www.nohea.info/blog  Matt Foster https://mafost.blog/  A tweep I admire posted a link to attend a webinar about, “The Opportunity Myth,” a study that was recently released by TNTP.  The study examined 1,000 students and reported on their lack of preparation for going to … More “The Opportunity Myth:” yes and no

Building Competence in the Unfocused Student: It’s all in how we say it

In the past two years, I have been using an inquiry-based resource for a dozen different reasons, some of which include:  furthering retention in content, developing problem-solving skills that transfer beyond the classroom, developing social-emotional skills in a traumatized culture, teaching them to “reach” for information instead of waiting for me to force-feed them, and … More Building Competence in the Unfocused Student: It’s all in how we say it

New Math Textbook?

Will your school be in the market for a new textbook anytime soon?  Teacher buy-in is hugely important; so finding out what teachers like makes a lot of sense. And I don’t think it is very helpful to read old posts on this topic because resources are changing dramatically. There have been, and will continue … More New Math Textbook?