Desktop Tutoring: Simple & Accessible

Not every student is able to come to my room before or after school for help.  Such opportunities automatically create equity issues.  But with Google, every student can still get the same help if they have a cell phone or other internet accessible device.

  1. I create a Google Drawing like this: question for student
  2. I share this with the student via email, and we (preferably) get on the phone together.
  3. As I observe the student working on the document in real time, I ask questions to figure out their misunderstanding and correct it.

If you don’t know how to create a Google Drawing, watch this

If you want to see a minute of me interacting with a student who is too shy to get on the phone, watch this

Even less intimidating is having a student send me a picture of their work either with their phone or from a screen capture.  I paste that into Notebook and hit the record button like this.  Unfortunately, most of my students can’t view .wmf  videos so I have to convert the video with Handbrake  (free).  I have that down so it’s only an extra 30 seconds; but, Notebook, please get with the program!

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