I do (they zone), We do (they groan), You do (not-so-much)

I love my students.  I love to engage them, to see them having fun in class, and all the other things that teachers love; but I don’t teach many “honors” students.  My kids struggle with focus and priorities.  After reading about “Notice and Wonder” from various #MTBoS followers, I decided to use that kind of strategy whenever I have to do direct instruction.   Here’s an example prompt (click here).

Once I plant the seed for thinking, students share their thoughts with their seatmates.  as I am checking to make sure they all anticipate, analyze, and conjecture accurately.  Some are moving ahead in their pre-printed partial examples, figuring out what next logical steps follow.  I can quickly scan notes for students who are thinking ahead as I am checking students who process more slowly. For those students who beat me to the finish, I direct their next steps (like to begin their homework) .  Faster students are happy because they can get onto other things.  Slower students get one-to-one guidance.  I am calling this method:

I create – You anticipate – I assess

…but that’s not as catchy as I do – We do – You do…so please make suggestions if you have ideas!

5 thoughts on “I do (they zone), We do (they groan), You do (not-so-much)

  1. Not sure if this is what you’re getting st but…

    I create
    You anticipate
    We participate … because some participate with you in depth and others just do a quick check in.

    But I love love love holding all accountable for learning!


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