STEM offers unusual hope in a Special Education Sunday School class

Sunday mornings offer a few hours of respite care for parents of teens with significant disabilities at my church.  I have the privilege of serving there where I get to witness the beautiful voices of adolescents who cannot speak more than a few connected words but can sing lines hymns.  We work to find ways to connect with the teens to engage them in activities they can enjoy while somehow attending to their spiritual needs. Direct instruction is rarely productive.  They will sometimes watch Bible cartoons, but even those become monotonous to them.

Disabilities of the mind can be fascinating as a child can harbor talents in other areas where the brain functions normally or beyond.  We suspect there is more there than what we see, and STEM now providing hopeful connections to their hearts, minds, and souls.  In this video, you will see a student exploring a programmable caterpillar.  Watch her hands express utter joy as she succeeds in coding it around the red circle.  Yes, sweetheart, God made the caterpillars, and now you get to program this one…specfocus

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