Teachers: Please post your assignments

I was just in another meeting last week with parents who are frustrated by the inability to help their child with their other classes because they can’t “see what is due.”  I propose two remedies:

  1.  All schools should agree on a common home base for assignments.  I propose Google Classroom because it is clean and straight forward.  I have used Schoology, Blackboard, and several other “class” based packages, but Google is by far the most direct and intuitive that I have seen.  For teachers who prefer more complicated sites, they can link to them from Google Classroom so that at least parents have some idea where to start looking.
  2. I’m thinking spreadsheets are easier than calendars unless there is something I am not seeing.  Spreadsheets allow students to see how assignments overlap and relate over time.  I use a cloud (Google, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.) so that when I hit the save button, it is automatically updated when parents and students open the link. My parents love my spreadsheet.  Mine also serves as a lesson planner.  For the next year, I just change dates, upgrade, and drag stuff around.

 Here’s an old one of mine.   Here’s one I would recommend for teachers whose assignments are mostly multi-day projects

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