My student quotes that should be famous


I’m thinking most teachers will agree that student motivation is the most frustrating thing about our jobs.  If it weren’t from having to work so hard to inspire them to do the work, we could spend all our prep time designing amazing lessons.  We can get mad at them, or we can try to see the world from their eyes and take them from where they are.  Laughing is my way of keeping my chin up working with students who had a very rough year last year in math.  The fun of laughing is one more reason to keep the conversations open and honest:

  1. As I was confiscating his cell phone, senior student says “I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to watch videos during class.”  (I have phone pockets on the wall where students put them.) – T
  2. Working on Khan Academy, Student who has finally decided to work:  Did we learn this, or was I asleep that day?  – C
  3. Me:  Why aren’t you working on your mixed review?  Student: I didn’t know how to do question 5, so I gave up. – M
  4. When students were discussing how to make the above funnier, Student: No, say it this way. It sounds much dumber.- A
  5. Student:  Teach it to me like I’m five years old – S
  6. Student:  I did my test review!  Me: Did you check your answers? …chirp, chirp, chirp…

I can hardly believe I get paid to work with these students.  Together we will get through this and graduation day couldn’t be more exciting.

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