Yard work and Algebra

Faulty distribution:  missed a spot with the fertilizer.


Elimination:  fertilizer and water didn’t help.  It must be insects.


Quadratic factoring of the variables:   I can fertilize or treat for pests, but not both.  I can apply weed treatment with fertilizer, but not with pest control.  I must water after pest control but not before.  I water before weed control, but not after.  I can water before I fertilize, but definitely after. Unfortunately, guessing and checking is likely to kill the lawn.

Adding unlike terms:  Do not combine unlike garden chemicals.


Extraneous solutions.  The fungicide I used last year didn’t work this year…probably because the chemical froze over winter.


Order of operations:  It’s not my fault the frost came after the blossom.


Clean up first:  then the next steps will be more obvious.


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