What if Khan Academy told the Parents?

One of the biggest concerns about homework is that some students don’t check their answers with those provided, so they essentially rehearse errors.  There’s more about homework concerns & wars here.  My strategy is to do quick scans and assign Khan Academy as supplementary homework for students who are not practicing correctly on paper…or who missed the concept on a test.  When I assign a session to students, Khan automatically sends them an email.  But I have found it difficult to get students to follow through.  I need parents to get a copies of those emails so the parents are aware that I have identified an issue and understand my plan to fix it.

Will you help me beg Khan Academy for this feature request?  You can beg here*:


… or up this feature on “feature requests” here:  FEATURE REQUESTS , but basically they explained whoever makes the most noise…gets their feature first.

I can’t wait to tell the parents how we are going to improve homework habits and see huge growth this year!


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