Classkick or Google Slides?

As a former Nearpod-Peardeck user, I have been studying the functionality of Classkick which is also pretty much free–scroll down to see basic vs. pro ( I didn’t know it, but years ago, the infamous Dan Meyer was calling attention to Classkick.  (How’d I miss that?!)  Anyway, I am blown away.  BUT, some of you have mentioned the great new features of Google Slides and I don’t have time to see what I’m missing unless it’s super important.  Can someone please check out one of my new lessons and let me know if Google has features this doesn’t have?  I am supplying several different links for you below because Classkick is only used to having normal-size rosters and I’m not sure what “overload” would look like.  Anyway, students respond by:

  • typing
  • audio recording
  • linking anything sharable
  • drawing

Teachers teach and give live-or-later feedback by:

  • typing
  • audio recording
  • video recording
  • linking
  • drawing
  • assigning a peer tutor
  • editing the slide for the class or for the individual student

Students can access their feedback while it is happening or later.

Teachers can filter students they see by:

  • class
  • student
  • slide number
  • team (if students preface first name by team letter like A-Juan)

Lesson 1.1 for Algebra 2:
Please access by the first letter of your last name so everyone isn’t in the same class!  You can use a fake name. This is just to give you an idea of what I find so amazing.  Please let me know if you catch any boo-boos.

2 thoughts on “Classkick or Google Slides?

    1. There are drop-down lists to filter by last name, first name, active, inactive, by slide #… It is more efficient for me to filter by question number so I can check everyone’s slide #a at once. Or, maybe I want to look at my faster students’ slide 6 after I check everyone’s slide 2. To see and provide feed back on individual students, just click on one of their slides. I’m planning on having students sign in with their team letter in front of their name. They are set up on the seating chart in teams of 4. That’s how they will go into their breakouts online as well.


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