Inequalities Genius

Last week I brought a favorite team activity online, and my students seemed to enjoy it even more in Zoom breakout rooms with their classroom teams than they normally do in the real classroom.  Maybe it’s the challenge of tech work-rounds, figuring out how to share their screens, or just being bored at home, but … More Inequalities Genius

Examining Structure in Special Quadratics with Google Drawing

I have taught “difference of squares” and “perfect squares” for over ten years using various traditional instructional techniques including “compare and contrast;” but this year I tapped into Google Drawing to increase the intensity of student engagement.  I copied and pasted a group of expressions from the exploration in our CPM textbook so when my … More Examining Structure in Special Quadratics with Google Drawing

Unit Circles: Relevance in CCSS

In an effort to weed extraneous & irrelevant material from algebra our curriculum to both make it more relevant, it might be tempting to remove Unit Circles because they are not included in the list of widely applicable prerequisites of the Common Core.  The unit circle is traditionally taught by having students memorize “special angle” positions like … More Unit Circles: Relevance in CCSS