IEP for Everybody?

It is completely understandable for a teacher to wince when they think about how many students these days have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).   There seems to be more and more IEPs every year.  While it is great that students receive the special care they need, I have some concerns that at some point, IEPs could … More IEP for Everybody?

Redo’s for students: I do and I don’t

I suspect that most teachers experiment with retakes and redo’s and change their minds throughout their careers like I have.  Everything I decide upon, though, consistently aligns to my overarching goals which are to develop: Analytical skills Retentive mastery of content Self-efficacy Self-advocacy in asking questions To develop strong analytical skills, I capitalize on inquiry-based … More Redo’s for students: I do and I don’t

When students won’t ask questions

This photo from Lovemeow hangs prominently in my room as a visual aid to inspire transparency in learning.  I hold family meetings before school begins to explain the importance of learning math in today’s economy.  Often parents quietly mention to me that their student won’t ask questions.  Some parents are concerned and looking for answers; others are tipping … More When students won’t ask questions