Unit Circles: Relevance in CCSS

In an effort to weed extraneous & irrelevant material from algebra our curriculum to both make it more relevant, it might be tempting to remove Unit Circles because they are not included in the list of widely applicable prerequisites of the Common Core.  The unit circle is traditionally taught by having students memorize “special angle” positions like … More Unit Circles: Relevance in CCSS

5 Reasons for Demonizing Homework and Teachers Who Assign It

For many years, the PTA and NEA have recommended 10-20 minutes of homework in first grade and 10 minutes after that.  However, in the past year or so, my news feed has regularly contained adjuration against assigning homework.  Often these appeals are accompanied by references to research that purportedly deems homework non-productive, even damaging.  No … More 5 Reasons for Demonizing Homework and Teachers Who Assign It

5 Concerns for Inquiry-Based Instruction

For 14 years I have been reinventing my instructional wheel each summer to build student achievement.  I’ve used creative images and rhymes (anchors), interactive games (engagement), 3-Acts, Notice & Wonder, Front Loading, and constant review. However, I am not happy with just high scores on state exams. What I teach, too often, doesn’t stick in … More 5 Concerns for Inquiry-Based Instruction