Conics, Marriage, and Character Ed

While none of the G.PE standards in the Common Core are considered to be widely applicable prerequisite standards, I love the opportunities they present for SMP 5,7,8.  Before I tell my my students much of anything about conics, I send them to to explore circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, and inverse parabolas. They figure out how to use equations … More Conics, Marriage, and Character Ed

Absolute Value equations: “You are there” relevance

One of the most motivating experiences I can sometimes create for my students is a feeling of what it can be like as an adult in an interesting career.  The little extra time that kind of activity monopolizes is well spent.  The idea of absolute value is found everywhere something is being built or produced: … More Absolute Value equations: “You are there” relevance

Yard work and Algebra

Faulty distribution:  missed a spot with the fertilizer. Elimination:  fertilizer and water didn’t help.  It must be insects. Quadratic factoring of the variables:   I can fertilize or treat for pests, but not both.  I can apply weed treatment with fertilizer, but not with pest control.  I must water after pest control but not before. … More Yard work and Algebra